Skyward Parent Access

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Skyward for Parents

Skyward gives parents the opportunity to view student information such as report cards, as well as accessing online forms. 

  1. The first step to logging into Skyward is to log into the OCPS Parent Portal:
    - Use the phone number OR email address that the school has on file to login.
    - If it is your first time logging in, it will have you set up a password
    - If you forget your password, you can always log in with your phone number using the "one-time code" method. It will text you a code to login.
    - If you are unable to login, please email [email protected] or call the front office at (407) 623 - 1438.
  2. Then click on the icon that says Skyward(Parents).
  3. If you have more than one student in the district, there will be a drop-down box where you can choose which student to view. 

Clinic Consent Forms

  1. Click on "Online Forms"
  2. Click on 2022-2023 PCF   (This stands for Parent Consent Forms)
  3. Complete the five parts of the PCF
  4. When filling out the 2023 Health Services Form, there are a number of yes/no dropdown boxes. Make sure to choose yes or no on each option and do not leave any blank.

***If you are on your phone or mobile device:

  1. After you get in to Skyward(parents), click on the three lines on the right side of the screen to open up the menu: three lines hamburger menu image
  2. Then click on the person icon: person icon
  3. Click "Go to Desktop View"
  4. Return to the Home Page
  5. Click on the plus icon on the left-hand side: plus icon
  6. Here you will find the menu for the webpage.

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