Back-to-School Year Info

Hello Killarney Families:

This is Dr. Wieckowski, your principal, with several important messages. 


School Reopening

The countdown to Killarney’s August 10th reopening has begun.  Teachers started working in their classrooms this past week preparing for the new school year.   

As you may know, OCPS is offering two methods of instruction for students.  Students can participate for the first nine weeks using the [email protected] program where they log into their classroom virtually for the day or attend school face-to-face to receive their instruction.  Families were asked in a recent survey to select their preferred instructional model for the nine weeks.  Both of these programs start officially on August 21st

In the meantime, all students will start school virtually at 8:45AM on August 10th using the [email protected] instructional model for nine days.  Students will be provided devices from the school district to allow access to their classroom and teacher. 


Device Distribution

Killarney has just received our laptops for grades 2-5 which will be ready to distribute to students starting on Tuesday, August 4th.  The student tablets for Kindergarten and 1st grade will arrive later this week and will be ready for distribution on Friday.  The plan for distribution is as follows:

*Students in grades 2-5 with last names starting with the letters A – G

Tuesday, August 4th from 8:00 - 4:00


*Students in grades 2-5 with last names starting with the letters H – N

Wednesday, August 5th from 8:00 - 4:00


*Students in grades 2-5 with last names starting with the letters O – Z

Thursday, August 6th from 8:00 - 4:00


*Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade

Friday, August 7th from 8:00 – 4:00


We are following all social distancing guidelines during the distribution of devices.  Students must log into their student account on their device prior to leaving the campus to enable home access for the laptops or tablets.  All outstanding summer school devices need to be returned to campus for a system update to access [email protected]


District Information Sessions for Face-to-Face Families

*August 3rd, 12:00PM click the registration link:

*August 3rd, 6:00PM click the registration link:


*August 5th, 12:00PM click the registration link:

*August 5th, 6:00PM click the registration link:


District Information Sessions for [email protected] Families

*August 4th, 12PM click the registration link:

*August 4th, 6:00PM click the registration link:


*August 6th, 12:00PM click the registration link:

*August 6th, 6:00PM click the registration link:



Meet the Teacher

This year’s Meet the Teacher event will be virtual.  Your child’s teacher will send you an email invitation this week with a link which will become activate starting Friday at 12:00.  This link will provide access to the teacher’s presentation and allow you to “meet” the teacher.


Please contact the school if you have additional questions.  Thank you for choosing OCPS and Killarney for your child’s educational needs.


Dr. Mark Wieckowski, Principal