Dress Code

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Dress Code

All students must wear forest green or white polo style tops.
Killarney House Shirts may be worn on Wednesdays only.
Killarney Spirit Shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

All students must wear khaki, navy blue, or blue jean bottoms.
Shorts must be long enough to reach the bottom of the fingertips of the child's extended arm (mid thigh).
Shorts and pants must be worn around the waist and must fit properly. Baggy shorts or pants, which hang below the waist, are not permitted. 

Shoes that are closed toe and closed heel athletic or dress are recommended. Sandals with straps on the back may be worn. Shoes without straps on the back (backless), sneakers with wheels, flip-flops, and shoes with heels greater than one and one half inches are considered to be unsafe and are not appropriate for school.

Other Items:
Items of dress not allowed include:
-Shoes with metal cleats
-Articles of clothing which make reference directly or indirectly to profanity, vulgarity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, or violence
-Bandannas, hair rollers/curlers, hats, sunglasses, caps, and/or visors during the school day or while on campus.

Administration will make a final decision as to the appropriateness of all items of dress.