Class Treats and Food
Any food brought to school to share with students must be store bought, in the original packaging with the ingredients on the label. An Ingredients Form must be completed prior to the distribution of the snacks. This applies to all class treats including, but not limited to cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cake, etc.


Our discipline policy emphasizes working with students in a positive way. We believe all children need to have positive experiences that encourage academic achievement as well as emotional and social development. Children who are not responsive to teachers and those who consistently cause disruptions in class or on campus will be referred to administration. All disciplinary action taken by administration is intended to help the child accept responsibility for being a student in the school. Parents will be informed by phone, written note, or formal disciplinary form.

A copy of the Orange County Public Schools Code of Conduct is available to each student, and is available electronically on the Orange County Public Schools website. The Code of Student Conduct provides information about the rights of students in the school, as well as the rules students must follow.

Toys/ Games/ Electronics
No toys, games, or electronics are allowed at Killarney. These items often disrupt a positive learning environment for students. Items such as tablets, music playing devices, and hand-held games are some of the items not permitted at school. Cell phones are allowed, however, they must be turned off and remain in the student's backpack. If a student has his/her cell phone visible, he/she will be asked to turn it into the front office. 

If an item is taken away from a student, a parent may come pick the item up at his/her earliest convenience. We desire all Killarney students to have an interruption free learning experience each and every day. This policy will also help prevent an items from being lost or misplaced. We appreciate your help and support in this matter.