Student Dress Code Reminders

Killarney is an approved public uniform school.

Student dress code requirements are as follows:


  • All students must wear forest green or white polo or collared shirts.
  • Killarney Spirit T-Shirts may be worn on Fridays only.

Shirts with the school logo are not mandatory. However, if you would like to purchase the logo shirts, visit My Spirit Wear at Killarney.

Click the link below for some recommended uniforms tops you can order:
Uniform Links
*These are for your convenience only. You can buy uniforms anywhere you find them.*


  • All students must wear khakinavy blueblack, or blue jean bottoms.
  • Shorts and skirts must be long enough to reach the bottom of the child's fingertips, i.e. mid-thigh.
  • Shorts and pants must be worn around the waist and must fit properly.


  • Shoes must be closed-toe and closed-heel.
  • Sandals must have backs and no toes exposed.
  • Sneakers are recommended.


  • Girls may wear jumper-style/rompers dresses in khaki, navy, black, or blue jean.

Administration will make a final decision as to the appropriateness of ALL items of dress.