Title I

Federal Programs

Title I schools receive services from the largest federal aid to education program in existence. Title I has been in existence since 1965 and continues to level the academic playing field for children victimized by poverty. Title I funds provide services and educational programs to help students achieve.

OCPS Title I Federal Programs ensures that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Title I provides supplemental funds to improve achievement of all students enrolled in high needs schools by providing federal funding in the following areas to attain the district's vision and mission:

  • Additional academic programs and staff
  • After-school tutoring
  • Teachers certified in the subject area that they teach
  • Intense, ongoing professional development
  • Meaningful parental-engagement activities
  • Research-based instructional materials
  • Support for families in transition
  • Full day Pre-K programs

What does this mean for Killarney Students and Families?

Students at Killarney Elementary are provided breakfast and lunch at no cost. 
Title I also provides funding for various events, programs, and activities for students and families throughout the school year.

For more information about Title I and other federal programs, please visit the OCPS Title I website by clicking the link below. 

OCPS Title I Page